Christian Resources

What began as a hobby…

It was difficult finding excellent quality Christian material to reach out to Thai people in our earlier years in ministry.  So we decided to do something about it.  We weren’t looking to start a publishing company but just to help out.  These are some of the resources that we have been working on to help others also involved in building up God’s Kingdom.  Feel free to download

“The Way to Heaven” Evangelistic Tract

cover frontway-to-heaven-telugu-page1 way-to-heaven-tagalog-page1 way-to-heaven-kannada-page1 way-to-heaven-ilocano-page1 way-to-heaven-tamil-page1

Translated into more than 30 languages, we are pleased to be able to make this available on the internet to benefit the Body of Christ.  Check back to see which languages become available.  Currently available are the English, Thai, Tagalog, Ilocano, Tamil, Telugu & Kannada translations.

“The Reason Why” Apologetic Tract

The Reason Why (Thai)

The Reason Why (Thai)

The Reason Why

* Some Basic Questions
* Proving God
* The First Cause
* Believing is Seeing
* The Revelation of God
* The Book of Books
* God’s Standard
* All Have Sinned
* Jesus Christ : Son Of God?
* In Christ A New Creation
* Sincerity Is Not Enough
* Many Ways To God?
* We Have A Debt To Pay
* Jesus Paid It All
* A Perfect Sacrifice
* But Not All Are Saved
* The Mystery of Cancelled Sin
* People, Not Puppets
* Objects of God’s Love
* Faith’s Firm Foundation
* The Wages Of Sin Is Death
* Hell Has No Exit
* Christ Our Substitute
* The Cross Our Glory
* No Fairer Offer
* It is Finished!
* The Real Difference
* Matters of The Heart
* Amazing Love
* Made Sin for Us
* Receiving Christ The Lord
* A Soldier Led to The Lord
* Go and Tell

Concerned for his staff, Robert Laidlaw wrote this short booklet to explain why he was a Christian.  This booklet has been used by God to bless many.  We are pleased to make available this time-treasured booklet in the Thai Language.  If you would like this as a handy booklet for your Thai-speaking friends or loved ones, your church outreach, missions, etc.  Get it here today.


3 responses to “Christian Resources

  1. I forgot to mention that ThaiChurchResourceCenter (thaicrc) now has some 4,000 Thai resources – on line, free to download…



    We have a staff of 6 full time typist entering new resources everyday….. We lack the technical skills that you have Nathaniel!

    • I’m not sure Bruce. I think your team is doing great and you’ve been able to pull all these resources together. Henry told me about thaicrc but didn’t get past the first page till today. Thanks for blessing the Lord’s Work through your dedication. 6 typists…fantastic. We’re just using the downtime from university work to do this. Normally busy during that time. was especially interested in your chronological bible lessons on thaicrc. We’ve been given permission by NTM Singapore to translate their 52 week chronological teaching on powerpoint. We’re doing it as a bible study and I’m hoping to get the 1st 15 weeks up sometime in the next couple months. We’re also working on discipleship materials that we use on a regular basis. Sort of a follow-up booklet that we’ve translated from the Nav and we’re sprucing it up for online distribution.

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