Great Contentment is about helping us making a DIFFERENCE in lives, especially the lives of Thai University students who come through the English Resource Corner.  Where does that difference begin?  We’d like to think that a paradigm shift in thinking and outlook is the foundation of lasting change. Ideally, that foundation is in the Lord Jesus Christ.  

Great Contentment Great Gain was started to facilitate the production and distribution of quality Christian tracts and other e-material.  Membership fees were collected at first to help in the translation, production and printing of quality Thai Christian literature as well as help provide long-term loans for needy university students with good long term potential growth.

However, we have made a radical change to allow those who need our online resources to get to them easily rather than impede by charging a fee and going through a payment processor.

Great Contentment is now Great Contentment Helping Others.  We will still do our best to provide quality Christian tracts and other e-materials in a variety of languages.  We will also continue to help students find the Lord Jesus Christ and help them in their lives in as many areas as we can help as lead by the Holy Spirit of God.


2 responses to “About

  1. We should talk! God is working and we want to partner with others who are like minded.

    Nice job Nathaniel…


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