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Great Changes at Great Contentment

We weren’t satisfied with our situation so we have fundamentally changed our model.  We have seen God provide for the ministry that God has placed us in here at the English Resource Corner.  Rather than impede those who need our material, we have decided to continue providing the resources that we have freely and we would rather challenge those who have found our material useful to play a part in helping us continue to help others.

Great Contentment is about being content, realizing that whatever happens, Almighty God is in complete control of the situation.  

Whereas we have needs, we have seen God provide, much better than we have thought of.  

Whereas those who need our help, we try to within our capability.  The rest is up to the Lord.

So please explore and we pray that you will be abundantly blessed by what is available at Great Contentment.

The team at the English Resource Corner


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